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Acuff, Roy: On Radio – 1953 Golden Country 2202 M- 8.00

Acuff, Roy: The World is His Stage Hickory LPM 114 VG+ 12.00

Acuff, Roy: King of Country Music Hickory LPM 109 VG+ 10.00

Alabama: Greatest Hits RCA AHL1-7170 M- 5.00

Anderson, Bill: I Love You Drops Decca DL 74771 VG+ 8.00

Anderson, Bill: Still Decca DL 4427 VG+ 8.00

Anderson, Lynn: Cry Columbia KC 31316 VG+ 6.00

Anderson, Lynn: Rose Garden Columbia C30411 VG+ 5.00

Anderson, Lynn: Smile for Me Columbia KC 32941 VG+ 5.00

Arnold, Eddy: A Dozen Hits RCA LPM-1293 VG++ 20.00

Arnold, Eddy: Anytime RCA LPM-1224 VG+ 6.00

Arnold, Eddy: Our Man Down South RCA LPM-2596 VG++ 8.00

Arnold, Eddy: Sometimes I'm Happy... RCA LSP-2909 VG++ 8.00

Atkins, Chet: Workshop RCA LPM-2232 VG+ 10.00

Atkins, Chet: Finger-Style Guitar RCA LPM-1383 VG+ 20.00

Atkins, Chet: Hometown Guitar RCA LSP-4017 VG+ 8.00

Atkins, Chet: Class Guitar RCA LSP-3885 VG+ 8.00

Atkins, Chet: The Best of…RCA LSP-2887(e) VG+ 8.00

Atkins, Chet: This is…RCA VPS-6030 VG+ 10.00

Autry, Gene: Gene Autry's Golden Hits RCA LPM-2623 VG+ 10.00

Bailey, Razzy: A Little More Razz RCA AHL-4423 VG+ 5.00

Bare, Bobby: Singin’ in the Kitchen RCA APL1-0700 VG+ 8.00

Black, Jeanne: A Little Bit Lonely Capitol T 1513 VG+ 10.00

Bond, Johnny: The Man Who Comes Around Starday SLP 368 VG+ 12.00

Bond, Johnny: Ten Little Bottles Starday SLP 333 VG+ 14.00

Britt, Elton: The Wandering Cowboy ABC ABCS-293 VG+ 12.00

Britt, Elton & Rosalie Allen: same Grand Award GA 33-262 VG+ 6.00

Brown, Jim Ed: Country's Best RCA LSP-4011 VG+ 6.00

Brown, Jim Ed: Alone with You RCA LPM-3569 VG+ 6.00

Browns, The: best of...RCA LSP-3561(e) VG+ 5.00

Browns, The: Sing The Big Ones RCA CAS-2142 VG++ 5.00

Brown's Ferry Four: 16th Greatest Hits of...STarday SD-3017 VG+ 8.00

Buckeroos: America’s Most Wanted Band Capitol ST 2722 VG+ 12.00

Buckeroos: A Night On the Town Capitol ST 2902 VG+ 8.00

Campbell, Glen: The Astounding 12-String Guitar Capitol T 2023 VG+ 8.00

Campbell, Glen: By The Time I Get To Phoenix Capitol ST 2851 VG+ 5.00

Campbell, Glen: Gentle On My Mind Capitol ST 2809 VG+ 5.00

Carter Family: Home Among the Hills Harmony HL 7344 VG+ 8.00

Carter Family: Great Sacred Songs Harmony HL 7396 VG+ 8.00

Carter Family: My Old Cottage Home RCA/Camden ACL1-0047(e) VG+ 8.00

Carver, Johnny: You're in Good Hands Imperial LP 12380 VG+ 10.00

Cash, Johnny: Blood, Sweat and Tears Columbia CL 1930 (g.hi-fi lbl) VG++ 10.00

Cash, Johnny: The Johnny Cash Show Columbia KC 30100 SS 8.00

Cash, Johnny: From Sea to Shining Sea Columbia CS 9447 (360 lbl) VG+ 9.00

Cash, Johnny: The Fabulous…Columbia CL 1253 VG+ 20.00

Cash, Johnny: Greatest Hits, vol 1 Columbia CS 9478 (‘360’ lbl) VG+ 10.00

Cash, Johnny: Original Sun Sound of...Sun LP 1275 SS 50.00

Cash, Johnny: Ride This Train Columbia CL 1464 (360 lbl) VG+ 20.00

Cash, Johnny: The Gospel Road Columbia CG 32253 VG+ 8.00

Cash, Johnny: The Lure of the Grand Canyon Columbia CS 8422 VG++ 20.00

Cash, Johnny: Hymns from the Heart Columbia CL 1722 M- 10.00

Cash, Johnny: Blood Sweat and Tears Columbia CS 8730 VG+ 10.00

Cash, Johnny: All Aboard the Blue Train Sun 1270 M- 40.00

Cash, Johnny: At Folsom Prison Columbia CS 9639 ('360' lbl) VG+ 10.00

Cash, Johnny: At San Quentin Columbia CS 9827 ('360' lbl) VG++ 10.00

Cash, Johnny & June Carter: Carryin’ On With…Columbia CS 9528 VG+ 8.00

Cash, Johnny & Waylon Jennings: Heroes Columbia 40347 M- 6.00

Clark, Roy: I Never Picked Cotton Dot DLP 25980 VG+ 5.00

Clark, Roy: The Lightning Fingers of Roy Clark Capitol ST 1780 VG+ 10.00

Clark, Roy: The Tip of My Fingers Capitol ST 1972 VG+ 10.00

Clark, Roy: The Best Of... Dot DOS 25986 VG+ 5.00

Clark, Roy: The Entertainer Dot DOS 1-2001 M- 6.00

Clifton, Bill: Mountain Folk Songs Starday SLP 111 VG+ 20.00

Cline, Patsy: The Patsy Cline Story Decca DXSB 7176 VG+ 12.00

Cline, Patsy: A Portrait of…Decca DL 74508 VG+ 20.00

Coe, David Allan: Greatest Hits Columbia 35627 VG+ 6.00

Collins, Tommy: Songs I Love to Sing Capitol ST 1436 VG+ 15.00

Collins, Tommy: The Dynamic...Columbia CS 9310 ('360') M- 16.00

Copas, Cowboy: Inspirational Songs by...Starday SLP-133 VG+ 20.00

Copas, Cowboy: As You Remember King 824 VG+ 20.00

Copas, Cowboy: Broken-Hearted Melodies King 720 VG/VG 20.00

Copas, Cowboy/Hawkshaw Hawkins: In Memory King 835 VG+ 20.00

Country Gentlemen, The: same Crown CST 276 VG+ 10.00

Craddock, Billy "Crash": Crash ABC DOSD 2063 VG+ 5.00

Craddock, Billy "Crash": Still Thinkin' Bout You ABCD-875 M- 5.00

Crum, Simon: The Unpredictible Capitol T-1880 VG+ 10.00

Charlie Daniels Band, The: Midnight Wind Epic PE 34970 (promo) VG+ 5.00

Davies, Gail: The Game Warner BSK 3395 VG+ 5.00

Davis, Jimmie: Greatest Hits Decca DL 74978 M- 6.00

Davis, Skeeter: I’ll Sing You A Song and Harmonize Too RCA LSP-2197 VG+ 10.00

Davis, Skeeter: Best of…RCA LSP-3374 VG+ 8.00

Davis, Skeeter: My Heart’s in the Country RCA LPM-3667 VG+ 10.00

Davis, Skeeter: Sings Buddy Holly RCA LSP-3790 VG+ 10.00

Davis, Skeeter: What Does it Take RCA LSP-3876 VG+ 8.00

Davis, Skeeter: Hand in Hand with Jesus RCA LSP-3763 VG+ 10.00

Davis, Skeeter: Blueberry Hill Camden CAS-899 VG+ 8.00

Davis, Skeeter: I Can't Believe That It's All Over RCA APL1-0322 VG+ 6.00

Davis, Skeeter and Bobby Bare: Tunes for Two RCA LSP-3336 VG+ 8.00

Day, Jimmy: Golden Steel Guitar Hits Philips PHM 200-016 VG++ 20.00

Dean, Jimmy: Country Favorites Wyncote SW-9032 VG++ 6.00

Dean, Jimmy: Greatest Hits Columbia CS 9285 VG+ 5.00

Dempsey, Little Jimmy: Country Guitar of...ABC ABCS-619 VG++ 8.00

Dexter, Al: Sings and Plays His Greatest hits Capitol T 1701 VG+ 16.00

Dickens, “Little” Jimmy: Ain't It Fun Columbia HS 11220 VG+ 5.00

Dickens, “Little” Jimmy: May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose Columbia CL 2442 VG+ 6.00

Dickens, "Little" Jimmy: Out Behind the Barn Columbia CS 8687 VG+ 8.00

Dickens, “Little” Jimmy: Greatest Hits Columbia CS 9351 VG+ 6.00

Dillon, Zig: Something Old, Something New Ripcord 1040 VG++ 8.00

Drusky, Roy: If the Whole World Stopped Lovin' Mercury SR 61097 VG+ 10.00

Dudley, Dave: Sings Lonely Corner Crown CLP 5508 VG+ 8.00

Eubanks, Jack: Guitar Sounds of the South Monument MLP 8044 VG+ 8.00

Fabulous Sunshine Boys: More Country Music Sing Along with...Starday SLP 166 VG+ 10.00

Fairchild, Barbara: Greatest Hits Columbia 35311 VG+ 6.00

Fargo, Donna: Just for You Warner BSK-3377 VG+ 6.00

Fargo, Donna: My Second Album Dot DOS 26006 VG+ 6.00

Fargo, Donna: The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA Dot DOS-26000 VG+ 6.00

Fargo, Donna: All About A Feeling Dot DOS 26019 VG+ 5.00

Fender, Freddy: Rock 'N Country Dot DOSD-2050 VG+ 5.00

Fender, Freddy: Before the Next Teardrop Falls Dot DOSD-2020 VG+ 6.00

Fender, Freddy: Are You Ready For Freddy ABC DOSD-2054 VG+ 5.00

Flying ‘W’ Wranglers: An Evening at the Famous Flying ‘W’ Ranch, vol 2 Flying W 1001 VG+ 8.00

Foley, Red: The Red Foley Story Decca DXSB 7177 VG++ 10.00

Foley, Red and Ernest Tubb: Red and Ernie Decca DL 8298 VG+ 20.00

Ford, Tennessee Ernie: Ol' Rockin' Ern Capitol T 888 VG++ 20.00

Frickie, Janie: Saddle The Wind Columbia FC 44143 M- 5.00

Garrison, Glen: Country! Country! Imperial LP-9346 VG+ 10.00

Gatlin, Larry & the Gatlin Bros: Greatest Hits CBS 36488 VG+ 4.00

Gayle, Crystal: When I Dream UA-LA858-H-0798 VG+ 5.00

Gayle, Crystal: Crystal UA-LA614-G-0698 (with poster) VG+ 5.00

Gayle, Crystal: We Should Be Together UA-LA969-H VG+ 5.00

Gayle, Crystal: Somebody Loves You UA-LA543-G-0698 VG+ 5.00

Gaylords, The: Live At Lake Tahoe Time S/2109 VG++ 10.00

Gibbs, Terri: Some Days It Rains All Night Long MCA-5315 VG+ 5.00

Gibbs, Terri: Over Easy MCA-5443 VG+ 5.00

Gilley, Mickey: That's All That Matters To Me Epic JE 36492 VG+ 5.00

Gilley, Mickey: Wild Side Of Life Pickwick JS-6180 M- 5.00

Glaser, Tompall and the Glaser Brothers: Greatest Hits MGM SE-4946 M- 5.00

Glaser, Tompall and the Glaser Brothers: Now Country MGM SE-4620 VG+ 8.00

Glaser, Tompall and the Glaser Brothers: Country Folks Vocalion VL 73807 VG+ 8.00

Grammer, Billy: Gospel Guitar Decca DL 4212 VG+ 8.00

Grammer, Billy: Country Guitar Decca DL 74642 VG++ 8.00

Grammer, Billy: Gotta Travel On Decca DL 74542 VG+ 8.00

Graves, Josh: Sing Away The Pain CMH-6233 M- 6.00

Greene, Jack: Statue of a Fool Decca DL 75124 VG+ 8.00

Greene, Jack: You Are My Treasure Decca DL 74979 SS 10.00

Greene, Jack: Lord Is That Me Decca DL 75188 VG++ 6.00

Guitar, Bonnie: Moonlight and Shadows Dot DLP 3069 M- 20.00

Guitar, Bonnie: Leaves are the Tears of Autumn Dot DLP 25892 SS 8.00

Guitar, Bonnie: I Believe in Love Dot ST 91512 VG+ 6.00

Haggard, Merle: It’s Not Love But It’s Not Bad Capitol ST-11127 VG+ 8.00

Haggard, Merle: The Best of the Best of…Capitol ST 511082 VG+ 8.00

Haggard, Merle: Let Me Tell You About a Song Capitol ST-882 VG++ 6.00

Haggard, Merle: Same Train, A Different Time Capitol SWBB-223 VG+ 12.00

Haggard, Merle: Rainbow Stew MCA 5216 VG+ 6.00

Haggard, Merle: The Way I Am MCA 3229 M- 6.00

Haggard, Merle: If We Make it through December Capitol ST-11276 VG+ 6.00

Haggard, Merle & Willie Nelson: Seashores of Old Mexico Epic 40293 M- 6.00

Haggard, Merle: It's All in the Game Epic 39364 VG+ 6.00

Hall, Dickson: Outlaws of the Old West MGM E 3263 VG+ 20.00

Hall, Tom T.: The Rhymer and other Five and Dimers Mercury SRM 1-668 VG+ 8.00

Hall, Tom T.: We All Got Together and…Mercury SR 61362 VG++ 8.00

Hall, Tom T. Country Is Mercury SRM-1-1009 VG+ 6.00

Hamblen, Stuart: It Is No Secret RCA LPM-1253 VG++ 15.00

Hamilton IV, George: Folksy RCA LPM-3854 VG+ 6.00

Hargrove, Linda: Music is Your Mistress Elektra 75063 VG+ 6.00

Hart, Freddie: Togetherness Kapp KS-3546 VG+ 8.00

Heartsfield: Foolish Pleasures Mercury SRM-1-1034 VG+ 5.00

Helms, Bobby: The Best Of... Columbia Mono CL2060 VG+ 6.00

Homer & Jethro: Cornier than Corn King 848 VG+ 30.00

Homer & Jethro: Barefoot Ballads RCA LPM-1412 VG+ 20.00

Homer & Jethro: At the Country Club RCA LPM-2181 VG+ VG+ 10.00

Homer & Jethro: Songs My Mother Never Sang RCA LPM-2286 VG+ 12.00

Homer & Jethro: Life Can Be Miserable RCA LPM-1880 VG+ 12.00

Homer & Jethro: At the Convention RCA LPM-2492 VG+ 12.00

Horton, Johnny: I Can’t Forget You Columbia CL 2299 VG+ 8.00

Houston, David: A Loser’s Cathedral Epic BN 26303 VG+ 6.00

Houston, David: Almost Persuaded Epic BN 26213 VG+ 8.00

Howard, Harlan: Sings Harlan Howard Capitol T 1631 VG+ 20.00

Howard, Jan: Rock Me Back to Little Rock Decca DL 75207 VG+ 8.00

Howard, Jan: Count Your Blessings, Woman Decca DL 75012 VG+ 8.00

Husky, Ferlin: Sings the Songs of Music City USA Capitol T 2439 VG+ 8.00

Husky, Ferlin: I Could Sing All Night Capitol T 2548 VG+ 8.00

Husky, Ferlin: True, True Lovin' Capitol T 2305 VG++ 8.00

Husky, Ferlin: By Request Capitol T 2101 VG+ 8.00

Husky, Ferlin: Some of My Favorites Capitol T 1720 VG+ 6.00

Husky, Ferlin: Memories of Home Capitol T 1633 VG+ 8.00

Husky, Ferlin: The Hits Of... Capitol T 1991 VG+ 8.00

Inman, Autry: Great Country and Western Singer Guest Star 1438 VG+ 6.00

Inman, Jerry: Lennon-McCartney Country Style Columbia CL 2793 VG+ 6.00

Jackson, Stonewall: Greatest Hits Columbia CS 9177 VG+ 8.00

Jackson, Stonewall: A Tribute To Hank Williams Columbia CS 9880 VG+ 5.00

Jackson, Wanda: Wonderful Wanda Capitol T 1776 VG+ 8.00

James, Sonny: True Love’s A Blessing Capitol ST 2500 M- 10.00

James, Sonny: Greatest Hits Columbia KC 35626 (Promo) VG+ 5.00

James, Sonny: Behind the Tear Capitol T 2415 VG+ 8.00

James, Sonny: Need You Capitol T 2703 VG+ 6.00

James, Sonny: The Best Of... Capitol ST 2615 VG+ 5.00

James, Sonny: Heaven Says Hello Capitol ST 2937 SS 12.00

Jean, Norma: Sings a Tribute to Kitty Wells RCA LSP-3664 VG+ 8.00

Jennings, Waylon: Waylon RCA AHL1-4247 VG+ 6.00

Jennings, Waylon: Leavin’ Town RCA LPM-3620 VG+ 12.00

Jennings, Waylon: Ladies Love Outlaws RCA LSP-4751 VG+ 8.00

Jennings, Waylon: It’s Only Rock & Roll RCA AHL1-4673 SS 6.00

Jennings, Waylon: Ol’ Waylon RCA APL1-2317 VG+ 6.00

Johnnie and Jack: All the Best of…RCA VPM-6022 VG+ 10.00

Jones, Grandpa: 24 Great Country Songs that Will Live Forever King 967(re) M- 8.00

Jones, Grandpa: The Grandpa Jones Story CMH 9007 VG+ 8.00

Jones, Grandpa: Rollin Along with...King 809 M- 40.00

Jones, Grandpa: Yodeling Hits Monument 8001 VG+ 10.00

Jones, George: Sings More New Favorites United Artists UAS 6338 VG+ 12.00

Jones, George: My Favorites of Hank Williams United Artists UAL 3220 VG+ 12.00

Jones, George and Gene Pitney: It's Country Time Again Musicor MM 2065 VG+ 10.00

Jones, George and Margie Singleton: Duets Mercury SR 60747 VG+ 16.00

Jones, George and Tammy Wynette: Let’s Build a World Together Epic 65552 VG+ 8.00

Jordanaires: Spotlight On the...Captiol ST 1742 VG+ 6.00

Kilgore, Merle: There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills Starday SLP 251 VG+ 12.00

King, Claude: Meet Claude King Columbia CS 8610 VG++ 12.00

King, Claude: Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife Columbia CS 1024 VG+ 6.00

Laine, Frankie: Call Of The Wild Columbia CL 1829 VG++ 8.00

Lee, Brenda: Top Teen Hits Decca DL 4626 VG++ 12.00

Lee, Brenda: Too Many Rivers Decca DL 4684 VG+ 6.00

Lewis, Jerry Lee: Sings the Country Music Hall of Fame Hits, vol 1 Smash SRS 67117 VG+ 8.00

Lewis, Jerry Lee: Sings the Country Music Hall of Fame Hits, vol 2 Smash SRS 67118 VG+ 8.00

Lewis, Jerry Lee: When Two Worlds Collide Electra 6E-254 M- 5.00

Little, Peggy: More than a Little Dot DOS 25982 VG+ 6.00

Locklin, Hank: same Camden CAL-705 VG+ 8.00

Locklin, Hank: Please Help Me, I'm Falling RCA LSP-2291(e) VG+ 6.00

Locklin, Hank: King of Country Music RCA LSP-2597 VG+ 8.00

Locklin, Hank: Country Music Hall of Fame RCA LSP-3946 VG++ 8.00

Locklin, Hank: The Ways of Life RCA LPM 2580 VG+ 6.00

Locklin, Hank: Sings Hank Williams RCA LSP-2997 VG+ 6.00

Locklin, Hank: That's How Much I Love You RCA CAS-2266 VG+ 5.00

Loudermilk, John D: 12 Sides of…RCA LPM-2539 VG+ 10.00

Louvin, Charlie: Will You Visit Me on Sundays? Capitol ST 2958 VG++ 10.00

Louvin, Charlie: Less and Less and I Don’t Love You Anymore Capitol T 2208 SS 20.00

Lunsford, Cathy: You Men at the Bar One Shot 36 SS 8.00

Lynn, Judy: same UA UAL 3342 VG++ 8.00

Lynn, Loretta: I Wanna Be Free Decca DL 75282 VG+ 10.00

Lynn, Loretta: Somebody Somewhere MCA-2228 VG+ 6.00

Mack, Warner: The Bridge Washed Out Decca DL 4692 VG+ 12.00

Martin, Bobbi: Harper Valley PTA UA UAS 6668 VG+ 8.00

Martin, Jimmy: This World is Not my Home Decca DL 74360 VG+ 12.00

Mattea, Kathy: Walk The Way The Wind Blows Mercury 830 405-1 M-1 VG+ 5.00

McCoy, Charlie: Charlie My Boy! Monument KZ 33384 VG+ 5.00

McCoy, Charlie: Harpin' The Blues Monument KZ 33802 VG+ 5.00

McCoy, Charlie: The Fastest Harp In The South Monument KZ 32749 M- 5.00

McEntire, Reba: What Am I Gonna Do About You MCA-5807 M- 6.00

Merrill, Buddy: Country Capers Ranwood R 8099 VG+ 6.00

Miller, Carl & the Playboys: I Walk the Line Crown CST-496 VG+ 6.00

Miller, Jody: Queen of the House Capitol ST 2349 VG+ 10.00

Miller, Ned: Sings the Songs of Ned Miller Capitol T 2330 VG++ 12.00

Miller, Roger: The 3rd Time Around Smash SRS 67068 VG+ 10.00

Miller, Roger: The Return of…Smash MGS 27061 VG+ 8.00

Miller, Roger: Golden Hits Smash MGS 26\7073 VG+ 8.00

Miller, Roger: Dang Me Smash SRS 67049 VG+ 8.00

Milsap, Ronnie: A Legend In My Time RCA APL1-0846 VG+ 5.00

Milsap, Ronnie: There's No Gettin' Over Me RCA AHL1-4060 M- 5.00

Milsap, Ronnie: One More Try For Love RCA AHL1-5016 VG+ 5.00

Monroe, Charlie: Who’s Calling You Sweetheart Tonight Camden CAS-2310(e) VG+ 10.00

Montana Slim: same Camden CAL-527 VG++ 12.00

Montana Slim: Reminiscin' Camden CAL-668 M- 12.00

Montana Slim: No Letter Today Camden CAS 2171 VG++ 10.00

Morgan, George: Candy Kisses Starday SLP 400 (yellow lbl) VG+ 12.00

Nelson,Willie and Leon Russell: One for the Road Columbia 36064 VG+ 10.00

Nelson, Willie: Greatest Hits Columbia 37542 VG+ 8.00

Nelson, Willie: Somewhere Over the Rainbow Columbia 36883 VG+ 6.00

Nelson, Willie: Stardust Columbia 35305 VG+ 6.00

Nelson, Willie: Always on My Mind Columbia 37951 VG+ 6.00

Nelson, Willie: The Promiseland Columbia 40327 SS 6.00

Newbury, Mickey: After All These Years Mercury SRM-1-4024 VG+ 6.00

Newton, Juice: Juice EMI ST-12136 VG+ 5.00

Newton, Juice: Dirty Looks EMI ST-12294 VG+ 5.00

Oak Ridge Boys, The: American Harmony Heartland H-1031 VG++ 8.00

Oak Ridge Boys, The: Room Service ABC AV-1065 VG+ 5.00

Oak Ridge Boys, The: Have Arrived ABC AV-1135 VG+ 5.00

Owens, Bonnie: Mother's Favorite Hymns Capitol ST-557 VG+ 6.00

Owens, Buck: same La Brea 8017 VG+ 40.00

Owens, Buck: The Instrumental Hits of...Capitol ST 2367 VG+ 10.00

Owens, Buck: Dust on Mother's Bible Capitol T 2497 SS 15.00

Owens, Buck: Sings Tommy Collins Capitol ST 1989 VG+ 15.00

Parman, Cliff: Country and Western Guitars Time S/2076 VG+ 8.00

Parton, Dolly: Bubbling Over RCA APL1-0286 VG+ 8.00

Parton, Dolly: Real Love RCA AHL1-5414 VG+ 6.00

Parton, Dolly: Burlap & Satin RCA 54691 VG+ 6.00

Parton, Dolly: New Harvest…First Gathering RCA APL1-2188 VG+ 6.00

Parton, Dolly: Great Balls of Fire RCA AHL1-3361 VG+ 6.00

Parton, Dolly: Heart Breaker RCA AFL1-2797 VG+ 6.00

Parton, Dolly, Linda Ronstadt, Emmy Lou Harris: Trio Warner W1-25491 VG+ 6.00

Patton, Jimmy: Just for You Moon 2002 VG+ 6.00

Patton, Jimmy: Make Room for the Blues Moon 101 VG+ 20.00

Patton, Jimmy: Blue Darlin' Sims 127 VG 15.00

Paul, Les and Mary Ford: Warm and Wonderful Columbia CS 8488 (360 lbl) VG+ 10.00

Paul, Les and Mary Ford: Swingin' South Columbia CL 1928 (360 lbl) VG++ 10.00

Paul, Les & Mary Ford: Bye Bye Blues Capitol T 356 VG+ 10.00

Paul, Les & Mary Ford: Lovers' Luau Columbia CS 8086 VG+ 10.00

Paycheck, Johnny: Song & Dance Man Epic 32570 VG+ 6.00

Phillips, Stu: Grassroots Country RCA LPM-3717 VG+ 6.00

Phipps Family, A.L.: Most Requested Sacred Songs of the Carter Family Starday SLP 139 VG++ 16.00

Pierce, Webb: Cross Country Decca DL 4294 VG+ 12.00

Pillow, Ray: Presenting...Capitol T 2417 VG++ 12.00

Pinetoppers: same Coral CRL 57048 VG+ 12.00

Place, Mary Kay: Aimin' To Please Columbia 34908 VG+ 6.00

Price, Ray: Talk to Your Heart Columbia CL 1148 (360 lbl) VG+ 8.00

Pride, Charley: The Happiness Of Having You RCA APL1-1241 VG+ 5.00

Pride, Charley: Amazing Love RCA APL1-0397 VG+ 5.00

Pride, Charley: The Best of, vol 3 RCA AYL1-4108 SS 6.00

Pride, Charley: 10th Album RCA LSP-4367 VG+ 5.00

Pride, Charley: You're My Jamaica RCA AHL1-3441 SS 6.00

Pruett, Jeanne: Satin Sheets MCA-338 VG+ 5.00

Rainwater, Marvin: Gonna Find Me a Bluebird MGM D-4046 VG++ 30.00

Reed, Jerry: Cookin’ RCA LSP-4293 VG+ 8.00

Reed, Jerry: Alabama Wild Man RCA LSP-4069 VG+ 8.00

Reeves, Del: Gettin' Any Feed for Your Chickens? UA UAS 6530 VG+ 6.00

 Reeves, Del: Sings Jim Reeves UA UAS-6468 VG+ 6.00

Reeves, Jim: The Abbott Recordings, vol 1 RCA(import) VG+ 8.00

Reeves, Jim: The Abbott Recordings, vol 2 RCA(import) VG+ 8.00

Reeves, Jim: My Cathedral RCA LSP-3903 VG+ 8.00

Reeves, Jim: The Intimate...RCA LPM-2216 VG+ 8.00

Reeves, Jim: Bimbo RCA LPM-1410 VG+ 60.00

Reeves, Jim: Songs to Warm the Heart RCA LPM-2001 VG+ 6.00

Reeves, Jim: Girls I Have Known RCA LPM-1685 VG+ 20.00

Reeves, Jim: God Be With You RCA LPM-1950 VG++ 8.00

Reeves, Jim: We Thank Thee RCA LPM-2552 VG++ 6.00

Reeves, Jim: Up Through The Years RCA LSP-3437(e) VG+ 6.00

Reeves, Jim: Gentleman Jim RCA LSP-2605 M- 20.00

Rich, Charlie: same Groove GM-100 VG 30.00

Rich, Charlie: Lonely Weekends Sun 110 VG+ 8.00

Rich, Charlie: The Early Years Sun 132 VG+ 6.00

Rich, Charlie: A Time for Tears Sun 123 VG+ 6.00

Rich, Charlie: The Best Years Smash MGS 27078 VG+ 12.00

Ritter, Tex: An American Legend Capitol SKC-11241 VG+ 12.00

Ritter, Tex: Songs from the Western Screen Capitol T 971 VG+ 10.00

Ritter, Tex: The Lincoln Hymns Capitol W 1562 VG+ 16.00

Ritter, Tex: Chuck Wagon Days Capitol ST-213 VG++ 6.00

Robbins, Hargus "Pig": A Pig In A Poke Electra 6E-129 VG+ 6.00

Robbins, Marty: Rock’n Roll’n Robbins Bear Family(import) VG++ 15.00

Robbins, Marty: Song of the Islands Columbia CL 1087 VG+ 60.00

Robbins, Marty: Hawaii's Calling Me Columbia CS 8840 VG+ 6.00

Robbins, Marty: Gunfighter Ballads Columbia CS 8158 VG+ 8.00

Robbins, Marty: More Gunfighter Ballads Columbia CL 1481 VG++ 8.00

Robbins, Marty: The Return of the gunfighter Columbia CS 8872 VG+ 8.00

Robbins, Marty: What God Has Done Columbia CL 2448 M- 8.00

Robbins, Marty: Island Woman Columbia CL 2176 VG++ 10.00

Roberts, Kenny: Jealous Heart Starday SLP 470 VG+ 6.00

Robertson, Don: Heart On My Sleeve RCA LSP-3348 VG+ 10.00

Rodgers, Jimmie: The Best of The Legendary Jimmie Rodgers RCA LPM-3315 VG+ 20.00

Rodgers, Jimmie: A legendary Performer RCA CLP1-2504(e) VG+ 8.00

Rodgers, Jimmie: Train Whistle Blues RCA LPM-1640 (long play) VG+ 40.00

Rodriguez, Johnny: Songs About Ladies And Love Mercury SRM 1-1012 M- 5.00

Rodriguez, Johnny: My Third Album Mercury SRM 1-699 VG+ 5.00

Rodgers, Jimmie: The Best of…LSP-3315(e) VG+ 10.00

Rogers, Kenny: Eyes That See In The Dark RCA AFL1-4697 VG+ 5.00

Rogers, Kenny and Dottie West: Classics UA-LA-946-H VG+ 5.00

Rogers, Kenny and Dottie West: Every Time Two Fools Collide UA-LA864-H VG+ 5.00

Seeley, Jeannie: The Seeley Style Monument MLP 8057 VG+ 8.00

Seeley, Jeannie: Thanks, Hank! Monument MLP 8073 VG+ 8.00

Shepard, Jean: It’s a Man Every Time Capitol T 2416 VG+ 8.00

Shepard, Jean: Heartaches and Tears Capitol ST 1663 VG+ 12.00

Shepard, Jean: A Real Good Woman Capitol ST-8-2966 VG+ 6.00

Shepard, Jean: Got You On My Mind Capitol ST 1525 VG++ 12.00

Shepard, Jean: The Best of...Capitol DT 1922 VG+ 8.00

Shepard, Jean: Light Hearted and Blue Capitol ST 2187 VG+ 8.00

Shepard, Jean and Ray Pillow: I’ll Take the Dog Capitol ST 2537 VG+ 10.00

Sheppard, T.G.: I Love 'Em All Warner BSK 3528 VG+ 5.00

Skaggs, Ricky: Country Boy Epic FE 39410 VG+ 5.00

Skaggs, Ricky: Comin' Home To Stay Epic FE 40623 VG+ 5.00

Skaggs, Ricky: Love's Gonna Get Ya! Epic FE 40309 VG+ 5.00

Skaggs, Ricky: Don't Cheat In Our Hometown Sugar Hill FE 38954 M- 5.00

Skinner, Jimmie: Songs that Make the Jukebox Play Mercury MG 20352 VG+ 30.00

Skinner, Jimmie: Sings Jimmie Rodgers Mercury MG 20700 VG+ 12.00

Smith, Arthur: Fingers On Fire MGM E-3525 VG+ 30.00

Smith, Arthur “Guitar Boogie”: Blue Guitar Starday SLP 243 VG+ 15.00

Smith, Arthur "Guitar Boogie": Mister Guitar Starday SLP 173 VG+ 16.00

Smith and Son: Guitars Galore Monument BZ 33861 VG+ 6.00

Smith, Carl: Country on My Mind Columbia CL 2888 VG+ 6.00

Smith, Carl: Sings A Tribute To Roy Acuff Columbia CS 9870 M- 5.00

Smith, Carl: Deep Water Columbia CS 9622 VG+ 6.00

Smith, Carl, Lefty Frizell and Marty Robbins: Carl, Lefty and Marty Columbia CL 2544 10” VG++/M- 150.00

Smith, Connie: Back in Baby’s Arms RCA LSP-4229 VG+ 10.00

Smith, Connie: Downtown Country RCA LSP-3725 VG+ 6.00

Smith, Connie: Soul of Country Music RCA LSP-3889 VG+ 6.00

Smith, O.C.: Hickory Holler Revisited Columbia CS 9680 VG++ 5.00

Snow, Hank: Just Keep A-Movin’ RCA LPM-1113 VG+ 40.00

Snow, Hank: Snow in Hawaii RCA LSP-3737 VG+ 8.00

Snow, Hank: Sings Jimmie Rodgers Songs RCA LPM-2043 VG+ 20.00

Snow, Hank: Sings in Memory of Jimmie Rodgers RCA LSP-4306 VG++ 6.00

Snow, Hank: Spanish Fire Ball RCA LPM-3857 VG+ 7.00

Snow, Hank: Spanish Fire Ball RCA LSP-3857 VG+ 10.00

Snow, Hank: This is My Story RCA LPM-6014 VG++ 16.00

Snow, Hank: Gloryland March RCA LPM-3378 VG+ 8.00

Snow, Hank: Heartbreak Trail RCA LPM-3471 VG+ 6.00

Snow, Hank: The Old and Great Songs Camden CAL 836 M- 6.00

Snow, Hank: When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again RCA/Camden ADL2-0337(e) VG+ 8.00

Snow, Hank: The Highest Bidder Camden CAL-910 VG++ 8.00

Snow, Hank: The Singing Ranger Camden CAL-514 VG+ 6.00

Snow, Hank: The Last Ride Camden CAL-782 VG+ 6.00

Snow, Hank: Country Guitar RCA LPM-1435 VG+ 16.00

Snow, Hank: Songs Of Tragedy RCA LSP-2901 VG+ 10.00

Snow, Hank: Sings Your Favorite Country Hits RCA LPM-3317 VG+ 8.00

Snow, Hank: The Guitar Stylings of...RCA LPM-3548 VG+ 10.00

Sons of the Pioneers: Lucky U Ranch Radio Broadcasts 1951-1953 AFMARC 701 VG+ 10.00

Sons of the Pioneers: Vol 4 Cattle(import) VG+ 8.00

Sons of the Pioneers: Down Memory Trail RCA LPM-2957 VG+ 6.00

Sons of the Pioneers: Country Fare RCA LSP-2855 Stereo VG+ 6.00

Sons of the Pioneers: San Antonio Rose RCA CAS-2205 VG++ 5.00

Sons of the Purple Sage: Songs of the Golden West Grand Award 33-330 VG+ 15.00

Sovine, Red: Country Music Time Decca DL 4736 VG+ 10.00

Sovine, Red: Little Rosa Starday SLP 341 VG+ 12.00

Stampley, Joe: Greatest Hits Epic KE 35622 (promo) M- 5.00

Statler Bros, The: Years Ago Mercury SRM-1-6002 VG+ 5.00

Statler Bros, The: Partners In Rhyme Mercury 824 420-1 M-1 VG+ 5.00

Statler Bros, The: Oh Happy Day Columbia CS 9878 VG+ 5.00

Statler Bros, The: Bed Of Rose's Mercury SR 61317 VG++ 6.00

Stevens, Ray: This is…Mercury SR 60828 VG++ 15.00

Stevens, Ray: Ahab the Arab Mercury MG 20732 VG+ 16.00

Stevens, Ray: Unreal! Barnaby Z 30092 VG+ 6.00

Stevens, Ray: I Have Returned MCA-5635 M- 6.00

Stevens, Ray: Shriners Convention RCA AHL1-3574 VG+ 5.00

Stewart, Wynn: It's Such a Pretty World Today Capitol ST 2737 VG+ 8.00

Stewart, Wynn: You Don't Care What Happens to Me Capitol ST 453 VG+ 6.00

Stewart, Wynn: Love's Gonna Happen to Me Captiol ST 2849 VG+ 10.00

Story, Carl: Daddy Sang Bass Starday SLP 438 VG+ 10.00

Strait, George: #7 MCA-5750 M- 6.00

Tedesco, Tom: The Electric Twelve String Guitar Imperial 12263 VG+ 10.00

Terry, Al and Johnny Tyler: Country Music Stars Crown CLP 5321 VG+ 6.00

Texas Ruby & Curly Fox Harmony HL 7302 VG+ 7.00

Thompson, Hank: Hank! Capitol T 826 VG++ 30.00

Thompson, Hank: Favorite Waltzes Capitol T 1111 VG+ 20.00

Tilman, Floyd: Best of...Harmony HL 7316 VG+ 6.00

Tom and Jerry: Guitar's Great Hits Mercury MG 20626 VG+ 8.00

Travis, Randy: Storms of Life Warner 25435 M- 6.00

Tubb, Ernest: Greatest Hits, vol 2 MCA-24 VG+ 8.00

Tubb, Ernest: Favorites Decca DL 8291 VG+ 30.00

Tubb, Ernest: The Ernest Tubb Story Decca DXB 159 VG++ 30.00

Tucker, Faye: Blues from a Broken Hearted Country Gal Somerset 28700 VG+ 10.00

Twitty, Conway: I Love You More Today Decca DL 75131 VG+ 8.00

Tyler, T. Texas: same King 664 (blk lbl) VG+ 50.00

Van Dyke, Leroy: Country Hits Warner 1652 VG+ 8.00

Van Dyke, Leroy: Movin' Van Dyke Mercury MG 20716 VG+ 10.00

Van Dyke, Leroy: The Great Hits of...Mercury MG 20802 VG+ 10.00

Van Dyke, Leroy: Songs for Mom and Dad Mercury MG 20922 VG+ 8.00

Wagoner, Porter: Skid Row Joe - Down in the Alley RCA LSP-4388 VG+ 8.00

Wagoner, Porter: The Porter Wagoner Show RCA LSP-2650 VG+ 8.00

Wagoner, Porter: The Bluegrass Story RCA LPM-2960 VG+ 8.00

Wagoner, Porter: The Carroll County Accident RCA LSP-4116 VG+ 7.00

Wagoner, Porter & Dolly Parton: Say Forever You’ll Be Mine RCA APL1-1116 VG+ 8.00

Wagoner, Porter & Dolly Parton: Love and Music RCA APL1-0248 VG+ 6.00

Wagoner, Porter & Dolly Parton: Burning the Midnight Oil RCA LSP-4628 VG+ 6.00

Wagoner, Porter & Dolly Parton: Two of a Kind RCA LSP-4490 VG+ 6.00

Wagoner, Porter and the Blackwood Bros: More Grand Old Gospel RCA LPM-3855 VG++ 12.00

Wakely, Jimmy: Santa Fe Trail Decca DL 8409 VG+ 30.00

Wakely, Jimmy: Country Million Sellers Shasta SH-LP-501 VG++ 10.00

Wakely, Jimmy: Here's...Vocalion VL 73857 VG++ 8.00

Walker, Billy: The Hand of Love MGM SE 4908 VG+ 6.00

Walker, Billy: The Billy Walker Show MGM SE-4863 VG+ 6.00

Walker, Billy: The Big Country Hits Harmony HS 11210 VG+ 6.00

Walker, Billy: Greatest Hits Columbia CS 8735 VG+ 8.00

Wells, Kitty: Songs Made Famous by Jim Reeves Decca DL 74741 VG+ 8.00

Wells, Kitty: Winner of Your Heart Decca DL 8552 VG+ 25.00

Wells, Kitty: Kitty's Choice Decca DL 8979 VG+ 12.00

Wells, Kitty: Guilty Street Decca DL 75098 VG+ 10.00

Wells, Kitty: Cream of County Hits Decca DL 75067 VG+ 10.00

Wells, Kitty: Singing 'em County Decca DL 75221 VG+ 8.00

Wells, Kitty: They're Stepping All Over My Heart Decca DL 75277 VG+ 6.00

Wells, Kitty: Burning Memories Decca DL 71612 VG+ 16.00

Wells, Kitty: same Vocalion VL 73786 VG+ 6.00

West, Dottie: With All My Heart and Soul RCA LSP-3693 VG+ 8.00

West, Dottie: Suffer Time RCA LPM-3587 VG+ 8.00

West, Dottie: Country Sunshine RCA APL1-0344 VG+ 5.00

Wheeler, Billy Ed: Nashville Zodiac UAS-6711 VG+ 8.00

Wheeler, Billy Ed: Ode to the Little Brown Shack Out Back Kapp KL-1425 VG+ 6.00

Wilburn Bros: The Big Heartbreak Decca DL 74058 VG+ 20.00

Wilburn Bros: It Looks Like the Sun's Gonna Shine Decca DL 75123 VG+ 6.00

Wilburn Bros: Country Gold Decca DL 4615 VG+ 6.00

Wilburn Bros., The: Two for the Show Decca DL 74824 VG+ 6.00

Wilburn Bros., The: We Need A Lot More Happiness Decca DL 75087 VG+ 6.00

Williams, Hank: More Hank Williams and Strings MGM E-4429 VG+ 12.00

Williams, Hank: 14 More of Hank Williams’ Greatest Hits MGM SE-4040 VG+ 8.00

Williams, Hank: In the Beginning MGM SE-4576 VG+ 8.00

Williams, Hank: Sing Me A Blue Song MGM E 3560 (yellow lbl) VG+ 40.00

Williams, Hank: Hank Williams Lives again MGM E 3923 VG+ 20.00

Williams, Tex: Smoke Smoke Smoke Capitol T 1463 VG+ 20.00

Williams, Tex: Voice of Authority Imperial LP-9309 VG+ 6.00

Willing, Foy: Cowboy Roulette R 25035 VG+ 20.00

Willis Bros: Road Stop – Juke Box Hits Starday SLP 353 VG+ 10.00

Willis Bros: Y'All Come Nashville NLP 2053 VG+ 8.00

Wills, Bob: Here’s that Man Again Kapp KS-3542 VG+ 12.00

Wills, Bob: Western Swing Along with…Vocalion VL 73735 VG+ 8.00

Wills, Bob: 31st Street Blues Longhorn KK 011 M- 8.00

Wills, Bob: Together Again Liberty LST 7173 VG+ 12.00

Wills, Bob: Collector's Series Longhorn 007 VG+ 7.00

Wills, Johnny Lee: The Best of…Crown CST 565 VG+ 8.00

Wiseman, Mac: 12 Great Hits Dot DLP 3313 VG+ 10.00

Wiseman, Mac: Great Folk Ballads Dot DLP 25213 (soc) VG+ 20.00

Wooley, Sheb: The Very Best of…MGM SE-4275 VG+ 12.00

Wright, Johnny: Country Music Special Decca DL 74770 VG+ 8.00

Wright, Johnny: Hello Vietnam Decca DL 74698 M- 12.00

Wynette, Tammy: Another Lonely Song Epic KE 32745 VG+ 8.00

Wynette, Tammy: My Man Epic KE 31717 SS 6.00

Wynette, Tammy: Tammy’s Touch Epic BN 26549 VG+ 6.00

Wynette, Tammy: Tammy's Greatest Hits Epic BN 26486 VG+ 6.00

Wynette, Tammy: I Still Believe in Fairy Tales Epic KE 33582 VG+ 6.00

Wynette, Tammy: You and Me Epic KE 34289 VG+ 6.00

Young, Faron: Greatest Hits, vol 2 Mercury SR 61143 VG+ 8.00

Young, Faron: This is Faron Young Capitol T 1096 VG+ 20.00

Young, Faron: Story Songs for Country Folks Mercury MG 20896 VG+ 10.00

Various; Hillbilly Jazz Flying Fish 101 VG+ 12.00

Various: The Country Music Hall of Fame Starday SLP 190 VG+ 10.00

Various: Country Classics RCA LSP-2313 VG++ 6.00

Various: Will The Circle Be Unbroken UAS9801 VG+ 6.00


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